Wednesday, 19 December 2012

I was very thankful to God because give me rezeki n so on.. I really appreciate it. But i quite pelik because I was so difficult to do my exercise in class. There a lot's of clever people in my class. I feel very humble because i don't know or understand what was my lecturer is talking about. So, I was very frustrated n I feel I can't go on in my course, Graphic and Multimedia Software. I feel very bad, Pity for me. I thought that this is my ujian that given by God and I have to face them although I feel very sad. I'm very tough person. If I have problem I will settle it on my own and sometimes i got some advices from my close friends. It's true that we sometimes so difficult to find friends that are very kind, honest, can help us when we are in trouble, n who also always make us laugh all the time. Sometimes they got jealous with our kelebihan and ...... I have no point to talk about it. But it makes me not happy.